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For a limited time you can place a classified Ad. to sell your Hybrid cars here for FREE. provides powerful targeted marketing for audiences who are interested in learning and purchasing a Hybrid automobiles. We are currently accepting advertisement for our text banner ads, as well as our exclusive CLASSIFIED page for Hybrid automobiles.  The CLASSIFIED page are exclusively targeted for advertiser who would like to sell their Hybrid or other Alternative Fuel vehicles, the text banner ads can be any advertisement related but not limited to Hybrid vehicles. Our rates are extremely reasonable and we can customize a promotion program to meet your specific objectives.


For a limited time and until further notice, we are currently accepting ads for the classified page and text banner for FREE. To place an ad just email us with the required information and photo. See additional information below.


Rates Information

Type Placement Size (Pixels) Cost (per mo.)

Classified Ads

Classified Page

see sample


Lg. Rectangle

Middle of page


Not available


Right panel


Not available

Sm. Rectangle

Right Panel


Not available

Text Banner

Right Panel

Up to 5 lines



Additional Information

  • All ads must provide contact email, text description and linking URL if available.

  • All Classified page ad to sell Hybrid vehicles may include a photo of the vehicle. Photo should be submit in 195x140 pixels,  in either .jpg or .png format. We reserve the right to re-size the photo if the size is incorrect.

  • We reserve the right to reject any ads that do not meet our objective for our website.

  • For sample ad see the actual ad location.


Terms and Condition for the FREE Ads.

By submitting your Free advertising for inclusion in the Classified section, you agree that is providing this temporarily service on a  "as is" basis and we makes no representations or warranties of any kind with the dealing between you and the potential buyer. sole purpose is to provide a free service to you to put your advertising information and contact, and nothing more. reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time, with or without reason of any kind.




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