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Compare all Hybrids on the Market



2006 Ford escape HybridA quick glance at the current year models of all Hybrid/Electric Vehicles on the market. 


With recent sharp spikes in gasoline prices, consumers in the U.S. are increasingly demanding Hybrid vehicles as an alternative means to reduce their fuel cost. Recent development and refinement in the Hybrid technology will only fuel those demands. Not only can hybrid vehicles reduce fuel costs, but they also carry an extensive array of tax incentives which any number of free tax calculators can help calculate. Auto manufacturers have begun to produce Hybrid Electric Vehicles with comparable performance, safety, and cost to conventional vehicles.


According to J.D.Power and Associate the U.S. auto consumers will purchase about 260,000 units of all Hybrid models in 2006, and by the end of 2011, it is projected to reach 535,000 units.  Here are the latest models currently on the market.


2010 Green Cars by Technologies



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Hybrid Electric 2011
Ethanol 2009 | 2011
Diesel 2009 | 2011
Natural Gas 2011
Green Gasoline 2009 | 2011



2010 Green Cars by Type



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SUVs 2009 | 2011
Vans 2009 | 2011
Trucks 2009 | 2011



Tax Incentive for Hybrid Vehicles

Click Here for a summary of tax credit for qualified Hybrid vehicles, provided by the IRS.



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